Amara was a gift from above…From the moment she was born she had a message for the world, as at the age of 6 months, Amara started talking and saying “hi” to complete strangers…She had a way of making you feel so special and loved…her smile was contagious, her joy was magnetic, and her love for Jesus and others was overwhelming.

Amara also had a boldness and confidence about her that was not of this world…she was so confident in who she was in Christ that nothing else mattered!  I believe that Amara knew her purpose and why God made her the way He did…it was if she knew that her life here on earth would be short, as she never wasted a single moment…Amara lived with such passion, such joy, and great abandon…she had a zest for life that was inspiring, and nothing could dull her ‘light’!

Amara had an incidental MRI finding, at the age of 5…it was the most abnormal MRI anyone had ever seen…multiple, innumerable, cystic lesions covering her brain and spinal cord..with the biggest lesion inside her spinal cord….no one could explain how Amara could be functioning and so she became a ‘medical mystery’ and her ‘journey’ began…through all of Amara’s surgeries and hospital visits one thing was always constant..and that was her unwilling faith in JESUS!  As Amara would say, “No matter what, I am going to praise Jesus!”…”Even when I am in pain, I am going to still praise Jesus!! And praise Him she DID!! She never complained, never asked, “Why me?”…as Amara always saw the bright side of things!

God allowed Amara to see things through His eyes and His alone! They had such an amazing connection…she would tell you that Jesus was her “Best Friend”…She longed to be with Him..One evening Amara called me into her room and asked, “Mom, is it okay that I love Jesus more than you and Dad?”…and every night before bed, she would want to talk about Heaven and describe her idea of what heaven would be like…lots of chocolate rivers, cotton candy clouds, streets of gold,  beautiful princess castles, and crowns with many jewels…she would want to dream about heaven every night and many nights she would describe a scene in detail and ask me to meet her there…”Mom, let’s meet at the ‘tree of life’ tonight! she would say, “The one behind the pearly gates…you know the tree where the fruit changes every month!!”

Many say that Amara was not of this earth..that she was an angel sent down from above to teach us…it was as if she was born with a string attached to Heaven…Amara knew that this was not her real home…she knew that she belonged in Heaven…oh, how she longed to go there…I would catch her looking up at the sky on many occasions, and overtime she saw an opening in the clouds she would say with such excitement,  “Mom, I think Jesus might be coming back!!!”  She would vision Jesus coming down from the sky, on His chariot and taking her Home!

Well, Amara got to go “Home” on July 26th, 2012, at the age of 8…and as Amara took her last earthly breath my husband was able to see her sitting on Jesus’ lap…looking up at Him with the biggest smile on her face and He was looking down on her with the biggest, most loving smile on His face…and I know He said, “Well done good and faithful servant!” As Amara ran the race..she got the PRIZE…all while looking “up”…and I know she could see that finish line the entire way, as she KNEW where she was going!!…and she couldn’t wait to get there!!

However, she wanted to make sure that EVERYONE she ever met knew how to get to Heaven too!!!…That is why Amara had such an intense desire to tell others about Him and spread His LOVE, HOPE, and LIGHT to ALL she encountered!! And even though Amara is now in Heaven, God is still using her life and testimony to bring others to Him!!

Shine On, Amara!!! We love you SO much, Sweetheart, and we can’t wait to join you in Heaven someday!