Amara’s Acts of Kindness was founded on July 27th, 2012, by one of Amara’s dear friends.


“Hi! My name is Abby and Amara was one of my closest friends. She passed away yesterday, on July 26th, 2012. She was 8 years old. Amara was the sweetest and kindest girl you could ever know. She always showed love towards others. She had the biggest heart. She also had the biggest faith. I was her friend, but Jesus was her Best Friend.

Amara spent her life telling others about Jesus, even at the hospital when she was so sick. She inspired others, changed lives, and deepened the faith of so many people through her experiences and through the fearlessness and unending faith she showed everyday. In her 8 years of life, she made a difference on this earth and impacted others in a way that most people could only hope to do in 100.

This world will never be the same for those who knew Amara or for those who didn’t. Amara was truly a light on this earth. She made it a better place. Now, she is a bright light in heaven and I know she is up there singing God’s praises at the top of her lungs, happy in the arms of her Savior! 

I know Amara would have continued living her life here in the same way she lived it for the last 8 years – showing others God’s love and telling them about Jesus, her Savior and Friend. Amara’s light will always continue here on earth. Her testimony will live on and it will continue to impact others. And, we can help by continuing what she would have done. We’ll call it Amara’s Acts of Kindness. I am pledging to show acts of kindness towards others each day, starting today, so a day doesn’t go by that Amara’s light doesn’t still shine here on this earth just as bright as it always did.

Please join me in making this pledge – a pledge to show at least one act of kindness towards others, at least once a day, for the next 40 days. We can call it the 40 day challenge. As once you have completed something for 40 days it becomes a habit.  Not only will you be a blessing to others, but you will also be blessed!  Feel free to give updates on this site. Share how you are showing love to others in memory of and in honor of Amara.

Acts of kindness can include something small like a compliment to the cashier at the store or it can be something bigger like sending flowers to a local nursing home to be given to a resident in need of some happiness. And, remember to continue spreading God’s Word! – attach a scripture verse to the flowers or witness to someone in need of God’s love and grace.

In this way, Amara’s light will continue to shine through all of us, those who were blessed to know her or who have been touched by her testimony.

We love you, Amara!!”